Welcome to Matthew Greenburgh’s website

I am an Artist who concentrates on fine art photography which has still life at its centre and has strong aesthetic and symbolic components.

My work has been exhibited in several galleries across London and has also been sold on to private collectors.

On this site, you will find my biography, alongside detailed displays of my artistic work including the ‘Leaves’ exhibition website and book on issuu. In addition, I have started a blog relating my pictures of individual leaves to the history of the photo series.

You can find also find me on Clippings.me and Flickr.

Below is an excerpt from my ‘Works‘ page, which describes my motivations and intentions:

My current practice involves an exploration of ideas about beauty and death and their representation.  I conduct this exploration through the medium of photographs of arrangements of magnified autumn leaves that refer to other relevant works of art…
…Leaves are at their most beautiful at the point at which they begin to decay and hence have a potent symbolic value.  The reddish colour palette of the autumn leaf and the decay seen when viewed up-close are full of appropriate associations: blood, fire, rust, hell.
The still life has an important role in the history of photography and remains a vibrant means of communicating ideas.  I aim to bring an original approach to this field but one that acknowledges the influence of certain key trends in theory and practice…
…I wish to instil a certain ambiguity in the positioning of my photographs within the simplified narrative of photography’s journey from mimesis to modernism to post-modernism: as mentioned above, the realism of the leaves belongs to the beginnings of photography, and the semi-abstract presentation of my pictures has modernist elements.

You can view my ‘Leaves’ work on the specialised website, leaves.gallery. Also, you can find my work on issuu.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy my site and my range of artistic works.

– Matthew Greenburgh

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