Matthew Greenburgh: About me

I am an Artist who dedicates his time to fine art photography. I’m based in the United Kingdom. As well as my pursuits as an Artist, I’m a Trustee of the Tree Council and a member of the Finance & Audit Committee for Woodbridge School in Suffolk, England.

Matthew Greenburgh 2017

Matthew Greenburgh

I have held a solo exhibition with the Atlas Gallery in London and have participated in two mixed shows at Gallery Different, London.

My photographs are primarily large format still lives with strong aesthetic and symbolic components. My work has been sold on to private collections.

Whilst I have been taking photographs with an artistic intent since my teens, it is only in the last few years that I have dedicated myself to becoming a serious artist working with photography.  As an unknown newcomer, I believe it is important to specialise in an area that is relatively underexploited by other artists whilst being in tune with my own vision and abilities.

For me this field is macro photographic based still life with a symbolic sub-text.  At present, I am using this technique to explore ideas about beauty and death and their representation with greatly enlarged photographs of arrangements of autumn leaves.  I use various means of connecting these pictures to other relevant works of art.  Leaves are at their most beautiful at the point at which they begin to decay and hence have a potent symbolic value.  The reddish colour palette of the autumn leaf and the decay seen when viewed up-close are full of appropriate associations: blood, fire, rust, hell.

The still life has an important role in the history of photography and remains a vibrant means of communicating ideas.  I aim to bring an original approach to this field but one that acknowledges the influence of certain key trends in theory and practice.

I am about to embark on a two year MA in fine art (photography) at Central St Martins, where I hope to be able to develop these ideas further.

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